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Ha's brother Khoi has an unpleasant secret. It's related to the nasty stink that seems to emanate from his general direction. No matter how much he sweats or how smelly he gets he keeps on wearing his jacket over and over again. But even Khoi has to take it off twice a day when he has a wash. When he does so, he ties the jacket round his waist. The noxious stench seems to be coming from his left pocket; Khoi always seems to be clutching something there. Still the foul smell lingers on, spreading far and wide. Even the neighbors are starting to complain about it.

Vu's had enough. He holds down his brother and forces him to open his hand. Khoi's secret is revealed: he's been carrying around the long dead body of a chick he'd been hand rearing. It's been festering away in his pocket all this time, hence the revolting stench. Khoi was so upset over the death of the chick that he didn't want to let go of it, no matter how much it smelled. This strange, sad episode illustrates how much Khoi loves animals. It's no wonder he wants to be a vet when he grows up.

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