What are the key points that make a good actor?

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Some of the best actors seem to share these qualities:


 1.A keen observation skill, especially of other people, their body language, their habits of age, their quirks;

2. Voice control – pitch, throatiness, a good ear for accents, etc.;

3. An unself-consciousness about themselves, that is, little false ego;

4. A mimetic body, capable of echoing others’ stances, gestures, etc.;

5. An intelligence, a general ability to think alertly and creatively;

6. A forward ego balance (“Hello, I’m ….”);

7. A desire to please; finding reward in public recognition.


These natural attributes, when nurtured by encouragement and honed with training, are good tools for an actor.  Other features, such as ethnic features, looks, etc., are secondary values in the marketplace but not necessary traits to make a good actor.

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