What key points should I address when creating a presentation about human resources?What are some of the key areas you are planning to address?

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It would help if we knew specifically what you need, but it occurs to me that many people do not realize what a human resources professional does. Most of us do interact with them, but we don't necessarily understand what goes into their job. That kind of presentation would include the information.
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A job I would find intriguing would be a Human Resource Manager (HRM).  Since I would be working with all kinds and types of people, it would behoove me to develop and hone those skills while still quite young. 

I must see each person as an individual and not just a business asset.  I must also assume that each and every person has a vested interest in the company and wishes to see it succeed.  As such, I should find means and ways of encouraging that interest and bringing out the best in everybody!  Some of the ways I would accomplish these goals are:


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