What are the key points to the plot in The Giver?

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The Giver is a fantasy or science fiction story.  The key points to the plot revolve around the idea of a community of Sameness, where everything is tightly controlled so that people’s choices are made by them.  Since you ask for bullets, I will use bullets.

  • Jonas remembers a plane flying overhead and the Release of the pilot because he made an error.  This is important because it foreshadows Jonas’s escape and danger, and demonstrates to the reader that something is wrong in the community.


  • Jonas turns 12 and is chosen as Receiver of Memory.  This means that he will go into secret training as an apprentice to the respected Elder The Giver.


  • Jonas’s father brings home a baby, Gabriel, who is not growing fast enough.  Gabriel will stay an extra year with Jonas’s family for additional nurturing.  He sleeps in Jonas’s room. 


  • Jonas begins receiving memories from The Giver.  He gets memories of strength first, and then pain.  He handles it well.


  • Jonas asks to see a Release.  He is shown the video of his father’s lethal injection of the newborn twin.  It tears him apart.  He decides to leave the community.


  • Jonas finds out that Gabe is scheduled for Release.  Jonas and The Giver plan Jonas’s escape from the Community.


  • Jonas and Gabriel escape during the Ceremony of Twelve.  They travel great distances through hills and snow.  They may reach Elsewhere.
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