Illustration of Pip visiting a graveyard

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens
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What key events occur between Magwitch’s death and Pip’s meeting with Estella in Great Expectations?

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When Magwitch dies, Pip has to deal with the effects of everything that has happened.  First of all, he is in bad health from the burns he sustained with Miss Havisham and the exhaustion from trying to get Provis out.  His financial health is even worse.

At once I put bills up in the windows; for, I was in debt, and had scarcely any money, and began to be seriously alarmed by the state of my affairs. (ch 57, p. 310)

The next thing that happens is Pip is arrested for one of his debts.  Delirious, Pip languishes in fever until Joe bails him out.  Pip tells Joe what has happened to him, and who his benefactor was.  He returns home, and finds that people treat him differently since he is not rich.  For example, the Blue Boar staff do not treat him well.

Whereas the Boar had cultivated my good opinion with warm assiduity when I was coming into property, the Boar was exceedingly cool on the subject now that I was going out of property. (ch 58, p. 318)

Pip learns that Biddy and Joe are married.  He sells everything he has, and takes a job as a clerk in Clarriker and Co.  He does well there for eleven years, during which time Herbert marries Clara.  Joe and Biddy have a son and name him Pip.  Pip returns to England, and decides to visit Satis House.

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