What are the key concepts of person-centered theory, its historical development to the present day, the people influential in its development

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The person centered theory is a movement within the mental health community that was developed in the 1940's by Carl Rogers. The focus of this type the therapy is that the person is themselves able to solve their problems and that the therapist is there to support them and act as a sounding board for their thoughts as they process their decisions in order to facilitate change. The patient leads the therapy not the psychologist in this relationship.

This movement was also brought forth into the area of Community Mental Health after deinstitutionalization occurred for those with sever emotional and cognitive impairments. Instead of a psychologist, case manager, or psychiatrist making decisions for the client the patient's input for what they want in terms of their treatment and medical treatment must be considered instead of dictated to them as it had been in the past.