What are the key components of this biography on Marilyn Monroe? Link is in the desciption.http://marilynmonroe.ucoz.com/index/quick_biography/0-6 Thank you for any answers :).

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the key components of the biography was to show how much of a challenge growing up was for Monroe.  Her early years read from something incredibly sad and filled with the hurt that is a part of abandonment.  An absent father, mentally challenged mother, and a childhood that consisted of "foster homes and orphanages" help to comprise a narrative of childhood that is remarkably agonizing.  Being able to contrast this with the idea of being the international sex symbol is a powerful reminder of Judy Garland's assertion that a "career is not something you can curl up with on a cold night."  

Another key component of the biography is how Monroe pursued stardom and artistic excellence with vigor.  Monroe understood how to pursue fame and the article makes it clear that she recognized its importance.  She understood how much can be done with physical beauty.  At the same time, when she was able to leverage her own name in order to do so, she understood the need to become a serious actor and how to study for it.  Her work at the Strasberg school as well as a desire to rid herself of the "shallow blonde" image were parts of this.  

The article makes it clear that in establishing her own studio, Monroe wanted to be better at her vocation.  This desire for excellence in her field is what makes her death so sad, only because it was at a point where some new and innovative breakthroughs were evident.  Though the article ends with the traditional moral of Monroe that her life represents "an inspiration to all who strive to overcome personal obstacles for the goal of achieving greatness," it is something that is brought out in the contours of the narrative.

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