What is Kenji's last name in Yoshiko Uchida’s "Picture Bride"?

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you referring to the young seminary student? if so, you mean Kenji Nishima, who by the end of the story becomes pastor of his church, despite quite a lot of disillusionment along the way:

Some Japanese Americans are pushed beyond the breaking point by the discrimination and other difficulties they face, like the Sunday School superintendent who gets into debt and becomes so desperate that he steals church funds in order to pay for his and his wife’s passage back to Japan. Another example is Kenji Nishima, who has a nervous breakdown due in part to the pressures of studying at the seminary in an unfamiliar language; he recovers only due to the kindness of Taro and Hana, who take him into their home.


The multi-ethnic backdrop of the story (small city urban life in Oakland, California) offers rich possibilities, as the Picture Bride deals with cultural identity, cultural confrontation and forging a new identity as an American of Japanese origin.