What is Kate Malone's "Queen Pineapple" all about?

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"Queen Pineapple" is supposed to represent the novelty of growth, as expressed by Kate Malone:

'The wonder of nature, having a seed in your hand...
it gets wet and it grows into this huge thing.
It's almost as if it's an Alice in Wonderland dream'.

Malone made "Queen Pineapple" for the  Manchester City Galleries where it is still currently on display.  According to Malone, the pineapple is 'a lovely regal thing, luscious and exotic'.

I do really like this pot.  Aside from being an amazing rendition of an enormous pineapple, the sculpture comes across as so fresh and vivid.  I love that Malone used that turquoise glaze on the neck, because it really sets off the golds and greens of the pineapple.  Lovely color scheme.



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