In Island of the Blue Dolphins, what are Karana's strengths and weaknesses?

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Karana, the protagonist of Island of the Blue Dolphins, lives by herself on an island for the majority of the novel. Her experiences, words, and thoughts in the book are the imagination of author Scott O'Dell—in real life, no one could communicate with the woman upon which Karana was based. By the time the "Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island," as she was known, reached the mainland, the rest of her tribe had died or disappeared.

In the book, one of Karana's major strengths is her courage. She dives off a rescue ship to chase after her little brother. She fights off wild dogs, fishes for octopus, canoes into the open ocean, and spies on the Aleuts when a ship returns to the island. Another strength is her resourcefulness. She has to perform tasks typically forbidden to women in her tribe, such as make weapons, repair a canoe, and build a shelter.

A personal weakness, from Karana's viewpoint, would...

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