What is the Ka of this acid?A saturated solution of Caproic acid ( C5H11COOH) contains 11g/L of solution and has a pH of 2.94. What is the Ka ?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To solve this problem we have to follow these steps:

1. First we have to let the volume of a solution be 1L. So in1 L of solution there are 11 grams of Caproic acid. 

2. Get the number of moles of Caproic acid.

11grams Caproic acid x (1moles caproic acid/116.16 gmol-1)

= 0.09469696969 moles Caproic acid

3. Get the moles of H+ from the pH of the solution.

pH = -log(H+)

[H+] = 10^(-pH)

[H+] = 10^(-2.94)

[H+] = 0.00114815362

4. The expression for can be derived from the dissociation of Caproic acid. We let Caproic acid = HA, a monoprotic weak acid.

HA <---> H+ + A-

ka = [H+][A-]/[HA]

[H+] = [A-] = 0.0011482

[HA] = 0.094697


ka = (0.0011482)(0.0011482)/0.094697

ka = 0.00001392078 = 1.39x10^5



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