Juvenile Delinquency

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What is a juvenile delinquency prevention program idea that you would like to see replicated throughout the nation?

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The sorts of programs that I would like to see replicated across the country cannot possible be replicated because we do not have the resources needed to implement them.  This is because the best way to prevent juvenile delinquency is to give children who are at-risk one on one mentoring and attention on a relatively constant basis.  It can also be important for there to be financial resources available to help the children.  There is no way that this is going to be replicated across the country.

For an idea that could possibly be implemented, I would want to see a program like Big Brothers or Big Sisters replicated across the country and given funding to the extent possible.  It is my view that much of juvenile delinquency comes about because the children’s parents cannot or do not want to give them the sort of attention that they need.  I suppose that the ideal program would be one in which the parent could also be counseled while the children were involved with their “big siblings.”  This would allow at-risk children to get the attention that might help them to get educated, to feel worthwhile and cared about, and to thereby prevent them from becoming delinquent.

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