Midnight's Children Questions and Answers
by Salman Rushdie

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What justification is there in Midnight's Children for viewing Saleem Sinai as heroic?

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One justification present might simply be that Saleem Sinai is one of the few who actually lived through what India was to what India has become.  He could be viewed as heroic because of his mere survival.  In a time where partition caused a great deal of unrest between Hindus and Muslims, border wars between Pakistan and India, the act of moving from place to place, and Indira Gandhi's Emergency, Saleem could garner heroic status because he has lived to tell a narrative that has survived all of these.  At the same time, his role as a child of midnight, his desire to defeat the huge kneed Shiva, as well as an attempt to bring together other children of midnight- seeking to bring about collectivity and solidarity in a time of fragmentation- could be another justification as heroic.

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