What is Juliet's role in the play Romeo and Juliet?

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As loving and passionate about Romeo as he is about her, Juliet helps drive the central drama of the play. She is a fit mate for Romeo: unlike Rosaline, who keeps Romeo at a distance, perhaps overwhelmed by his ardor, Juliet wants marriage with Romeo as quickly and with the same intensity as he does with her. She is able to meet his quick verbal wordplay tit for tat, indicating her capacity for equal partnership in the marriage, and she is as impatient with what she perceives as her nurse's dallying over the marriage (which happens very quickly!) as Romeo is of the "delays."

Juliet is, however, a shade more prudent than Romeo: she insists on wedding before bedding, and sounds the caution, both during the balcony scene and on their wedding night, that Romeo should leave rather than being caught and killed at the Montague compound.

Juliet also suffers deeply with she hears of Romeo having killed her beloved cousin, Tybalt. She is, initially, emotionally torn, knowing she should hate her...

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