What are Juliet’s parents’ attitudes toward her getting married? Do they have someone in mind for her? If so, who is it? It is for my english class

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

They do in fact have someone in mind, and it isn't Romeo, that's for sure. Paris has approached Lord Capulet about marrying Juliet. Lord Capulet. The Capulets think she's a little young. (She's 13, and her parents think she should wait until she's 15 to marry.) Lord Capulet is also protective because she's the last daughter living.


kath555554444 | Student


Juliet's parents' attitude toward her getting is that they know she is young, but they do want her to find a man which is why a mix of excitement in them.

Before Romeo is even introduced, her parents wanted her to marry Paris because they believe he is the right man for her. 

kylaa-kk | Student

Juliet's parent's attitude toward her getting married is excitement. They are excited to see her get married, but Juliet is not, (at least not with Paris) Juliet's parents have Paris in mind for Juliet to marry.

luvthekingofsc | Student

Her dad thinks she is too young. He married his wife young and she's a bit *ahem* unhappy nowadays. Paris is her suitor, so that's who he wants Juliet to marry.