What is Julian's point of view in Wonder?

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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julian is mean-spirited towards Auggie from the beginning of Wonder, and he doesn't change throughout the course of the book. Right after he meets Auggie, Julian asks him, "What's the deal with your face? I mean, were you in a fire or something?" (page 29). Auggie was born with a facial deformity, and he is just entering a new middle school after having been homeschooled. Clearly, Julian is unwelcoming and nasty, and he begins to bully Auggie. Later, Julian asks Auggie if Darth Sidious is his favorite character in Star Wars. While the teacher seems oblivious to Julian's nasty intent in asking this question, it's clear to Auggie that Julian asked this question because Darth Sidious's face has been disfigured by a fire. Later, Julian wears the Darth Sidious costume to school on Halloween (page 76), which is clearly a way to harass Auggie. Julian also nicknames Auggie the "Zombie Kid" and commands people not to be friends with Jack if Jack is friendly to Auggie. However, Julian does not generally show his nasty side to adults, as he is very two-faced. In short, he is a seemingly heartless character who is intent on making Auggie's life difficult.

babetts | Student

In the book "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio, Julian is an antagonist from the beginning of the story to the end.  Julian's point of view does not change over the course of the book.  In first meeting August during the school tour (The Performance Space, pages 29-30), Julian immediately expresses a negative attitude towards August.  He makes numerous assumptions about August's history of having been homeschooled, such as August not being smart enough to take a science elective or not wanting to be in the school play due to his facial deformity.  Julian goes on to prod August about his appearance asking "Why is your hair so long?" (August says Julian sounds annoyed) and "What's the deal with your face? I mean, were you in a fire or something?" (to which Charlotte responds "Julian, that's so rude) (page 29).

After Auggie is enrolled at Beecher Prep, Julian begins to bully him.  He nicknames Auggie "Zombie Kid", and torments him regularly.  For example, on Halloween, Julian dresses as Darth Sidious from Star Wars, and points out that his face mask looks like August's face.  Not knowing that Auggie was listening under his own mask, Julian says, "If I looked like that, I swear to God, I'd put a hood over my face every day" (page 77).  Julian then pressures Jack, one of August's only friends to "Just ditch him" (page 77).  Later in the book, it is revealed that Julian has turned all of the popular kids against August. 

At the end of the book, after many students have gotten to know and have befriended Auggie, Julian still has not changed his negative point of view. In The Shift, August notes, "I'd like to be able to say that Julian started treating me better, too, but that wouldn't be true.  He still never talked to me or Jack. But he was the only one who was like that now" (page 283).