What does Julia do to get Winston's attention in 1984?

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Of course, Julia feigns an accident to make her first real contact with Winston, but in reality he has already noticed her. She sits behind him at the Two Minutes Hate and makes fleeting eye contact with him in the commissary. During the Two Minutes Hate, in fact, he has quite graphic and violent fantasies about her. He hates her before he gets to know her because he assumes she is "young and pretty and sexless," wearing (ironically, as it turns out) the red sash of the Anti-Sex League, the "aggressive symbol of chastity" (15). Although his hatred has more to do with the violent emotions elicited by Party propaganda than Julia herself, Winston assumes she is a Party spy. This fear seems confirmed when she follows him as he makes one of his regular trips among the proles. He even thinks about chasing her down and killing her at this point, but he realizes that he is too physically frail to do so. But he is convinced that she will betray him and experiences equal parts terror and exhilaration when she passes him the note a few days later. He does not even read it for several minutes, until his curiosity overcomes him. The clandestine effort that Julia undertakes to make contact with Winston and his initial reaction to it demonstrate the degree to which the Party has made even the most natural and innocent gestures into life-and-death acts of defiance. Having gotten Winston's attention with her "accident," Julia arranges their subsequent meeting in a Party rally in a crowded square. She is amused by Winston's admission that he hated her, and it becomes clear that she has been trying to arrange an affair with him for some time. 

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When Julia, who is experienced at setting up affairs, wants to get Winston's attention, she first looks at him, which frightens him. He thinks she is a spy, and he knows he has committed thought crimes against the state, not to mention keeping a journal. Julia, who works in Minitrue with Winston, though in a different department, then pretends to stumble and falls down. Her arm is in a sling. As Winston helps her up, thinking she is pain, he has his first flash of human sympathy for her. When he takes her hand to help her, she slips a note into it. The note, which Winston reads later, says "I love you." This definitely catches his notice and also illustrates how much effort and subterfuge is involved in the simplest of human contacts. At the time of contact, Winston doesn't yet know her name, but Juliahas started to become a distinct person to him.

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