What is Judge Ford's connection with the Westing family ?

gamingbeast14 | Student

Judge Ford lived in the westing house and Sam westing payed for her education.  Sam also taught her how to play chess.  Judge ford feels like she owes sam something and is looking for a way to pay back her debt.  She never beat Sam in chess.

jessieee729 | Student

Judge Ford used to live in the Westing House. Her parents worked there. Judge Ford often played chess with Sam Westing; she always lost. Also, all of her education was paid by Mr.Westing. She never paid back her debt.


mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Westing Game the potential heirs of the Westing estate have been gathered together for the reading of the will.  In the will Mr. Westing indicates a game of clues that will help to reveal the true heir to the Westing fortune. 

Judge Ford is one of the potential heirs.  When she was a child her mother was employed by Mr. Westing.  Mr. Westing had taught her how to play chess. 

Mr. Westing also used the judge's skills in order to get her to perform certain activities in the game, without her knowledge, that would present clues to the game's participants.