Examine the faults of Juan Peron.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question has been edited down.  I would suggest that one of Peron's largest faults was that his vision for Argentina did not seem to move past the vision he had for his own power.  Peron was calculating enough to do his best to ensure he could obtain power.  His manipulation of a volatile political system in Argentina ensured that power could be achieved.  Yet, once in power, Peron never sought to communicate and execute a vision that was beyond his own power.  He never saw anything that would transform the nation into anything more than his own base of control.  His embrace of Justicialismo never really amounted to anything more than a muddled position between capitalism and socialism, but always seemed to result in supporting his own claims to power.  Peron can be faulted for depending on the working class to support his leadership, but without doing anything transformative for them.  At the same time, Peron never moved towards a realm in which transparency in government was achieved.  If anything in theory was achieved, such as basic rights of workers, there was nothing substantive established to continue such endeavors.  Initiatives in name only seemed to mark Peron's tenure.  Corruption and graft also seemed to linger during his leadership tenure.  Peron has to be seen as an individual who, at best, never quite achieved the lofty goals that he so often assigned to himself and, at worst, never achieved anything for a nation outside of his own hold of power.

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