What are Juan Peron's accomplishments?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In trying to find a series of accomplishments that can be credited to Juan Peron, I would suggest that Peron's embrace of Argentinian nationalism could be seen as one such accomplishment.  Peron was open about the idea that Argentina could be seen as its own nation and not one that was a sphere of influence of Western nations.  Peron benefited from this as American intrusion and opposition against him ended up emboldening his standing amongst the Argentinian population.  I think that this could be seen as one of his accomplishments.  In strongly identifying himself with the national brand and the sense of nationalism that accompanied it, Peron's fortifications of the military would also constitute as an accomplishment.  Peron understood that being able cloak his leadership with the Argentinian national identity as well as his support of the military would inevitably help him in the eyes of the people.  His strengthening of the military could be something seen as an accomplishment.

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