What journeys can be seen throughout The Kite Runner?

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The journey and quest for various freedoms is a primary theme of The Kite Runner. The main journey focuses on Amir, who undergoes both the physical quests of finding a new life in California and returning to his homeland to search for Sohrab; and the emotional quest for redemption and an end to the guilt that has plagued him since his youth. But the other main characters also have journeys to complete.

  • Baba travels to America--the land he admires so much--but he never manages to reclaim the wealth or power he enjoyed in Afghanistan. He does, however, earn the love of his son and a close relationship he never attained in Kabul.
  • Hassan journeys away from Baba's mansion to finally live on his own, where he meets and marries the girl of his dreams. When he returns to Baba's home with Rahim Khan, he begins his old life anew, in service for Baba and Amir in the hope that they will one day return.
  • Soraya finds a new life with Amir, who cares little about the single mistake in her past that has seemingly ruined her relationship with her parents.
  • Sohrab's journey is a more terrifying one: After losing his parents, he is taken by the Taliban to be used as a sex toy. Even when Amir releases him, Sohrab has many miles yet to go--both literally and figuratively.
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