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What is Jonathan Rauch's belief of freedom of expression. What does he believe society should do? Set limits, set no limits, or restrict speech? whats his view on freedom of expression? he writes about it in his book kindly inqusitors: the new attacks of free thought

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Clearly, Rauch's view is that society should not set limits on speech.  He believes very strongly in what he calls "liberal science."  This is what he calls the intellectual counterpart to democracy and capitalism.

In Rauch's view, democracy and capitalism are systems where people decide for themselves whose political ideas or economic products are "right."  If you dislike someone's products, sell another one -- you can compete and see who wins.

Rauch thinks that speech should be the same way.  He thinks that the only way to decide who is right is to let various points of view compete with one another so the people can decide for themselves which point of view is correct.  Therefore, he says there should not be limits on speech.

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