In The Giver, what are Jonas's negative traits?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jonas is a good member of the community at the beginning of the story, which is to say that he conforms very well with the expectations of his society and therefore doesn't exhibit significant negative traits or behaviors.

Jonas is impatient with Isaac, the next-door neighbor whose behavior does not follow the accepted patterns of the community since he doesn't keep himself neat and orderly and since he isn't physically coordinated.

As the Ceremony of Twelve approaches, Jonas wonders if it is a bad thing that he hasn't found a particular interest or draw in his volunteer activities or other parts of his life to that point. For his peers, attraction to a particular endeavor can give an indication of their Assignment; Jonas hopes it is not held against him that he hasn't shown any obvious predisposition toward a specific area of work. Of course, that very diversity ends up being one of the reasons why the Elders assign him to become the next Receiver of Memories.