What are Jonas's character traits from The Giver?

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Jonas is the protagonist of The Giver and is chosen by the elders to become the Receiver of Memory. This means that he will be asked to bear all of the pain and suffering of all the world, past and present, in order for his community to live in peace and ignorant happiness. When Jonas is selected for this position in the community, during the Ceremony of Twelve, the Chief Elder explains that Jonas has all of the character traits needed in order to accomplish such a daunting task for the rest of his life. In chapter 8, the whole community and Jonas are told that he has intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond. (The capacity to see beyond actually means that he can sometimes see color, but he doesn't realize that completely until after the Giver explains it to him later on.) The Chief Elder does not truly understand the last two character traits because those actually come to Receivers as they receive memories that hold these mysteries. Jonas is scared to assumed such a mysterious assignment, but he says he will do it anyway--showing his courage. 

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