What is Jonas's appearance in the book The Giver?

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When Jonas is discussing his future ceremony of Twelve with his mother and father, the narrator tells us that his father reached over and "stroked [his] neatly-trimmed hair."  This is really all the information we get about his particular style of hair, or rather, his indistinctive style since we learn that the age groups share a haircut.

It's true that Jonas's eyes make him stand out from others in the community—so much so that his sister, Lily, points out (rather rudely in Jonas's view) the fact that the newchild, Gabriel's, eyes are just like Jonas's.  

"Oh, look!" Lily squealed in delight. "Isn’t he cute? [....] And he has funny eyes like yours, Jonas!" Jonas glared at her. He didn’t like it that she had mentioned his eyes.
The "pale" eyes that Jonas shares with so few other people stand out from the ocean of dark eyes the rest of the community seems to possess.  They also, he feels give a different sort of look to both himself and Gabriel, as well as anyone else who possesses them.  Jonas typically doesn't see himself in the mirror, and so he considers his eyes and expression as a result of his observation of Gabe.
Now [...], he was reminded that the light eyes were not only a rarity but gave the one who had them a certain look — what was it?  Depth, he decided; as if one were looking into the clear water of the river, down to the bottom, where things might lurk which hadn’t been discovered yet.  He felt self-conscious, realizing that he, too, had that look. 
Such a statement very much foreshadows future events that happen to Jonas; he does have a depth that others lack,...

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What kind of haircut does Jonas have in The Giver.