In The Giver, what is Jonas refering to when he says he may have the ''capacity to see beyond''?

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Jonas looks at things, he is able to see colors that other people cannot see. Color has been removed from Jonas' community, so everything in their lives is the same drab tone. Nothing is vibrant or distinctive, such as the color red. Jonas later learns that as a boy, the Giver had the capacity to "Hear Beyond", meaning the Giver could hear musical patterns in everyday sound.

reaperplaya | Student

Answer: As Jonas goes further with his training, he recieves memories. These memories include color, pain, sorrow, etc. The more and more memories Jonas recieves, the more he starts understanding that he can see beyond with these memories. These memories that The Giver gives are really important and Jonas soon finds that out later in the book.


If you still do not get this answer that i gave you, then you can go to and type in The Giver or The Giver Notes. There they will tell you about every chapter in the book and may answer your question.