What is Jonas's opinion of giving up colours in The Giver?

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Jonas says that people should not have given up colors.

When Jonas finds out that he is seeing the color red, he is confused.  He has no idea what color is.  The Giver tells him that there used to be many colors.  Jonas asks why other people can’t see colors.  Only he can see them, as part of the Capacity to See Beyond.

"Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness. Before my time, before the previous time, back and back and back. We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with differences." He thought for a moment. "We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others." (ch 12, p. 95)

Jonas says that they should not have given up color.  The Giver notes that Jonas came to that conclusion quickly.  He says Jonas might be wiser than some of the Elders who decided to give up the colors in the first place, in favor of Sameness.

The concept of Sameness is important to the community because they do not want people to feel uncomfortable.  For this reason, they try to make choices for everyone, so that no one will make the wrong choices.


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