What is John’s function in "Brave New World"? In Huxley's 'Brave New World.'

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John the Savage represents choice and is representative of the everyman in the novel. John is the only character to exist in both realms and learn about the culture, customs, and social practices of each world. John is an everyman because the isolation and alienation he feels can be experienced by all of us in various situations. John chooses to suffer, he chooses, to feel pain, and chooses in the end to commit suicide because that is his one final act of choice and defiance.

On another level, John represents the dirty little secret Mustapha Mond cannot bury and is representative of that human spirit that refuses to be hidden, buried, and kept away from the light of day. John has also been viewed as "the noble savage."

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John is the go-between of the two worlds - those that belong to the system and those outside of it. He is physically the product of the two and his role (especially  at the end of the novel) serves as a catalyst for maintaining action and a certain level of suspense along the story line.

Check out the comments under 'John' at the reference below; you should find them most helpful.

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