What are the job functions of a parole officer?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many specific job functions that a parole officer must perform.  However, the basic idea is that a parole officer is responsible for helping parolees reintegrate into society after they are released from prison.  This, of course, entails a number of specific functions.

For example, a parole officer must be able to interview a parolee and to determine from that interaction (and from looking at case files) what sort of needs that person has.  They will need to be able to get that kind of information on an ongoing basis as they deal with parolees. 

The parole officer must also be able to work with the parolee to try to help make sure that the person does not reoffend or break the conditions of their parole.  This requires very strong interpersonal skills as the parolee may well be hostile and very difficult to work with. 

The parole officer must have good oral and written communications skills because they will need to communicate in a variety of ways.  They will have to prepare a variety of reports on their parolees, including reports that may be used to determine how a parolee will be sentenced if they reoffend. 

Parole officers have to perform a number of functions that relate to their ability to monitor and to help their parolees.  For more details, please follow this link.