What job does Miss Cynthie's grandson have? 

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Miss Cynthie's grandson is a Broadway singer and dancer.

In the story, Miss Cynthie goes on a visit to New York City. She is there to meet her grandson, David Tappen, who picks her up in a blue Packard. Miss Cynthie has always hoped that her grandson would turn out to be a preacher or a doctor, and failing that, an undertaker. She reasons that an undertaker would likely be close to God.

When Miss Cynthie first discovers that Dave is a singer and a dancer, she is greatly disappointed. However, when Dave starts singing a familiar childhood song he learned from Miss Cynthie long ago, her eyes are opened. Dave is no longer a 'tool of the devil, disciple of lust, unholy prince among sinners,' he has become an innocent minister of joy, simply intent on entertaining his audience.

Miss Cynthie suddenly realizes that the audience isn't made up of 'shriftless sinners' after all; the zest for life and the deep respect for excellence in Dave's art exemplifies all the truths Miss Cynthie had ever taught him. The story ends with Miss Cynthie singing the song to herself while she waits for Dave.

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