Farewell To Manzanar Questions and Answers
by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, James D. Houston

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What job did Papa have at Fort Lincoln, and why did he have that job in Farewell To Manzanar?

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Papa is arrested and sent to Ft. Lincoln as part of the internment of any Japanese and Japanese Americans in the western United States during World War II. Not long after arriving at Ft. Lincoln, Papa gets appointed to work as an interviewer for the government. Since he is one of the few people at the camp that speaks both English and Japanese, he is very useful when it comes to interviewing the other Japanese born prisoners at Ft. Lincoln. As a result of this position, and because of the "flourish" with which he does everything, he becomes well known by all at the camp.

While at Ft. Lincoln, Papa suffers greatly. He turns to drinking too much and is injured by frostbite during the cold North Dakota winter. However, thanks to his good command of English, he also works unofficially as a mediator between camp officials and the other prisoners. This earns him the respect of many at the camp.

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You can find the answers to these questions in Chapter 6 of the book.

Mr. Wakatsuki was arrested soon after the Pearl Harbor attack and was sent to Ft. Lincoln, which was a men only camp for enemy aliens in North Dakota.

While he was there, Mr. Wakatsuki worked as an interviewer.  He helped the government interview other of the Issei -- the first generation Japanese immigrants who were not allowed by law to become Americans.

He was picked for this job because he was one of the few men in the camp who was fluent in both Japanese and English.

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