What is Jing-Mei's job as an adult?

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In "Two Kinds," Jing-Mei Woo never says what she does for work. When she is listing off the ways in which she has disappointed her mother, though, she does mention that she was not accepted to Stanford like her mother wanted her to be; in fact, Jing-Mei ultimately decides to drop out of college without graduating. Jing-Mei goes on to work as a copywriter, and seems content with the fairly simple lifestyle she leads.

Throughout the course of The Joy Luck Club, of which "Two Kinds" is a chapter, Jing-Mei learns more about the sacrifices her mother made to come to the United States. Suyuan gave up her entire life, including her twin daughters, to try to have a better life in the United States for herself and any future children she had. This realization ultimately makes Jing-Mei more appreciative of her mother and helps her understand why some of her decisions were so disappointing to Suyuan.

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