In A Tale of Two Cities, Book II, Chapter 2, what are Jerry's instructions?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In A Tale of Two Cities, Jerry's instructions in Chapter 2 were very simply to act as a messenger for Mr. Lorry. Jerry was to go to the Bailey, the court house, and gain entrance through a guarded door. He was to hand a note to a doorkeeper who would then deliver the note to Mr. Lorry, who would be in the courtroom during the Charles Darnay treason proceedings. Jerry was to make a small commotion so that Mr. Lorry, having received the note from the doorkeeper, could find Jerry's location. Jerry was then to stay right there, on the ready, in case Mr. Lorry wanted a messenger. Jerry's presence aroused curiosity and those around him wanted to know, first, what Lorry had to do with the Darnay case and, second, what Jerry had to do with the case. To both inquiries, Jerry could only answer, "Blest if I know."

Click Book II, Chapter 2 to go directly to the section at the beginning of the chapter to read the amusing passage where Jerry is given his instructions.

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