What are Jenner's responsibilities in "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH"?

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Jenner is "extremely quick and intelligent" (Chapter 14), and is often the first to figure out a solution in a crisis situation.  It is Jenner who first begins to make the connection between the letters the rats are being taught and reading, and he is instrumental in orchestrating the rats' escape from NIMH.  Despite his "astute(ness)" and his problem-solving abilities, however, Jenner does not really seem to be a team player, and does not have specific responsibilities in either the breakout from the laboratory or the later "Plan" to start a rat society from scratch.  Jenner is not part of the rats' "exploration party" at NIMH, and is a strident opponent of the later "Plan" to move from the colony at the cave.  Indeed, by the time the "Plan" is undertaken, Jenner, "cynical" and "pessimistic", has left the core group and set off with a small band of six supporters on his own (Chapter 23).