What is Jem's plan in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

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In Chapter 5 pf To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem decides that he wants to communicate with the recluse of fifteen years, Boo Radley. So, with Dill's help, he devises a plan: He is going to give Boo a note.

Jem is going to tie this note onto the end of a fishing pole, then stick it through the loose shutter. Scout is to watch the back of the house and if anyone comes along the front yard, Dill will ring the children's mother's silver dinner bell.

Unfortunately, the children have forgotten that when they pass the windows, they cast shadows; consequently, they are found out. Face to face with Atticus, a frightened Dill rings the bell. Atticus reads the note intended for Boo, and instructs the children to leave Boo alone, and stop "tormenting the man." When Atticus scolds the children, they do exhibit character as they do not talk back to him. Further, they begin to become concerned with the feelings of people who are outside their immediate circle.


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