What is the relationship between Jem and Scout and their Aunt Alexandra like in "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

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In "To Kill A Mockingbird," Alexandra Finch Hancock is Atticus' sister. She comes to "stay awhile" in Macomb to help Atticus.  Her idea of help is to influence Jem and Scout to appreciate their heritage and their ancestors.  Aunt Alexandra told Scout that it wouldn't be long before Scout became interested in boys and clothes.  Scout tells the reader: " I could have made several answers to this: Cal's a girl, it would be many years before I would be interested in boys, I would never be interested in clothes... but I kept quiet."  Later Scout indicates that "It was plain that Aunty thought me dull in the extreme, because I once heard her tell Atticus that I was sluggish."

Needless to say that the children were polite to their aunt, but they would much rather her not move in "for awhile, which in Macomb could be three days to thirty years."  She would interfere with their freedom and the liberal manner in which Atticus was raising them.

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