What do Jem and Scout do when Maycomb gets its first snowfall?

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In chapter 8, Jem and Scout experience their first snowfall and enjoy the day off after discovering that school has been canceled. The children spend the majority of their day off playing outside in the snow, where Jem gets the idea to build a snowman. Since there is only a thin layer of snow covering the ground, Jem and Scout ask Miss Maudie if they can collect snow from her yard to build their snowman. The Finch children end up gathering as much snow as they can from Miss Maudie's yard and attempt to construct a snowman using a mixture of dirt and snow. Jem builds the base of the snowman out of dirt/mud before covering it in a layer of snow. Jem and Scout successfully end up building a snowman that resembles their overweight neighbor, Mr. Avery. When Atticus arrives home, he makes Jem alter the snowman so that it does not resemble Mr. Avery. Jem then puts a sunhat on the snowman and sticks hedge clippers into its side, which makes it resemble Miss Maudie. Later that night, Miss Maudie's home catches on fire and the children watch her home burn to the ground while they stand at a safe distance in the Radley yard.

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