What is Jem and Dill's plan to contact Boo Radley?

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After a summer of playing the “Boo Radley” game where the children act out imaginary scenes depicting the Radley household, Jem and Dill desperately want to meet the reclusive Boo Radley.   They devise a plan to contact him by getting a long fishing pole, writing a note inviting Dill for ice cream, and then trying to cast the note through a window at the Radley house.  Their plan is interrupted when Atticus catches them and tells them to leave Boo alone.  Their plan is foiled, however, it doesn’t deter their interest in Boo.  Later in the novel, Jem is dared by Dill to peek in the Radley’s window on the back porch.  As Jem is doing this, a shadow appears on the porch, and Jem runs off.  A shotgun is fired in the air, and in Jem’s haste to get away, he gets his pants caught on the fence.  In order to escape, he takes off his pants and leaves them there.  Atticus questions Jem as to where his pants are, and Dill says that Jem lost them in a strip poker game.  When Jem goes back to get his pants, he finds the ripped pants repaired.  At this point, the reader understands that it is Boo who fixes the pants to show his friendship to Jem. 

Jem, Dill, and Scout’s undying curiosity of Boo Radley is due in part to them being kids and interested in the folk lore that surrounds Boo’s circumstances.  Like all kids, the spooky Radley house and the mysterious inhabitant, Boo, is a draw to their interests and imaginations.

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