What are Jean Louise (Scout) Finch's character strengths and weaknesses?

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Keeping in mind that Scout is just a little girl, one weakness that Atticus is working with as she develops is her tendency to solve problems with her fists; some of this likely comes from her desire to keep up with her older brother, Jem, who is her whole world.  Atticus tells her at one point that she should "Try fighting with your head for a change.  It's a good one, even if it does resist learning." 

A strength of Scout's, undoubtedly attributed to her father, who is of utmost character and integrity, is her naturally inquisitive demeanor, particularly in cases of injustice or oppression.  She and Jem are devastated the summer that Tom Robinson is found guilty; Jem struggles with it outwardly, whereas Scout appears to return to business as usual, but at the end of the novel, as she reminisces about the trial, she mentions the heartbreak she and Jem had felt over the outcome. 


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