What is Jane 's relationship with God?

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Jane Eyre has a good relationship with God. When her marriage is interrupted, she prays to God for solace. When she is poor and starving and wanders the heath, she puts her survival in the hands of God. She might not be as religious as St. John and Helen Burns but her religion helps her curb immoderate passions. An example is when she refuses to live with Rochester while he is married to another woman and runs away since she does not want to live an immoral life.

Zac Egs | Student


My answer would be as follows:

I would say that Jane Eyre has a deep relationship with God. Romanticism is characterized by some criteria:
1-Primacy of feelings over reason
2-Superiority of personal religious experience over dogmas.
That is why I would say that Jane has a particular and rather privileged relationship with God i.e. Jane is a Christ-like figure. Jane is a symbol of purity and goodness.

This answer is incomplete but I hope it will be helpful.


Zac Egs

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