What is an example of one of Jade Snow's personality traits in Fifth Chinese Daughter?

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One of Jade Snow’s personality traits is persistence, because she continues to work for what she wants even when others discourage her.

As the daughter of an immigrant Chinese family, Jade Snow’s identity revolves around her family.  She even demonstrates this with the title of her book, emphasizing the fact that she is the fifth child.

Perhaps the strongest result of her persistence is her insistence on getting an education, even though her family considers the education she has above-average for a girl.  She bristles at  the fact that her brother’s education is paid for, and her parents refuse to pay for hers.

“Why should Older Brother be alone in enjoying the major benefits of Daddy’s toil? …Perhaps, even being a girl, I don’t want to marry, just to raise sons!… I am a person, besides being a female!...” (p. 109-10).

Snow has to work her way through school in order to get an education, but she does it.  Eventually her work ethic and perseverance is noticed and she gains respect in the community—and her family.

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