What does Jack's raiding party steal in Lord of the Flies?   

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At the beginning of Chapter 10, Jack tells his tribe of savages that the beast has the ability to transform itself into any figure. Jack is manipulating his followers and using their fear to further increase his control over them. One of the savages then raises his hand and asks Jack what they will use for lighting the fire. Jack tells them that they will take the fire from the others. He decides that Maurice and Roger will accompany him on a raid of Ralph's camp at the other end of the island to take Piggy's broken glasses. Jack's tribe will use the reflection from Piggy's broken glasses to start their own fire at Castle Rock. During the raid, Piggy, Ralph, and Samneric believe that the beast has finally come to eat them and end up unknowingly fighting Jack, Maurice, and Roger. After the raid is over, their shelter is destroyed, Piggy's glasses are stolen by Jack and his savages, and some of the boys are roughed up. Ralph looks around and comments that he thought they had come for the conch. The conch is a symbol of civility which Jack is not interested in having at Castle Rock. Jack simply wanted Piggy's glasses so that his tribe could preform rituals and roast pig meat.

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