What is an IVR Receipt survey?It should contain Receipt survey through IVR. It should not be only IVR survey or Receipt survey.

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

IVR Surveys are Interactive Voice Response surveys that are conducted on the telephone.  They are useful in gathering information from customers that do not require a live person asking questions. 

"An IVR survey shares many characteristics with a telephone survey since the survey is conducted over the telephone.  But rather than have a live interviewer conduct the survey, the survey is delivered using a prerecorded  script.  The respondent is asked to enter his responses using the keypad of the telephone and by verbalizing free-form comments."  

The Receipt Survey is a customer satisfaction collection process that appears on your receipt after purchase. Very often the survey is accompanied by a reward, such as in the case of McDonald's or Burger King.  When you participate in the Receipt Survey, after it is received, you are sent coupons for free meals at the franchises.  People respond better when they get something for their time.

The two different methods can be combined by offering a recent customer an opportunity to call an IVR Survey to collect information on post-purchase dissonance, or how the customer feels after the purchase, satisfied or dissatisfied?