What were the items Matt rescued from Kira's dwelling before it burned?   

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Kira, knowing her mother's cott might be burned while she was at the Field of Leaving, had managed to stash away some personal possessions in the clearing so they wouldn't be destroyed. Matt, Kira finds out, had also rescued some things from the home before it burned. He brings them to her when he meets her at the Council Edifice. As such a young child, and without knowing what Kira might want, Matt had no real basis on which to choose what to save. Yet he chose well. He saved her threading frame, understanding how important that would have been to Kira. He also saved some dried herbs in a basket that Kira's mother had woven from river grass. He even saved some "chunky tubers." From Matt's perspective, food would have been one of the most important items to take, but Kira's food will now all be provided for her. The bundle also contained some of Kira's mother's clothing: a shawl and a skirt. The most important thing Matt rescued, however, was the pendant that Kira's father had given Kira's mother. It was made from a shiny rock and hung from a leather thong. Kira had taken it from her mother's neck during her sickness and had laid it near the basket of herbs. Matt had evidently seen it there and considered that it might be important to Kira. 

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