What items did the friends take with them on the hunting trip in The Road to Memphis?

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Cassie says that

the thing about going on a coon hunt was that a body had to be totally prepared, and that included taking along every item of importance.

The list of those items is very diversified, including things both related directly to the act of hunting, and many other unrelated things as well.  For the hunting trip in question, Cassie says they took

a goodly size bag of peanuts, some potatoes for baking, a couple of jugs of cider, a kerosene lantern, matches, a flashlight, hunting knives, hunting bags, a rifle, and an ax.

Before leaving, they set out for the cane field, to "chip (them)selves some cane.  With the items mentioned, plus the hound dogs and the rifle, the group is finally ready, and sets out into the woods.

For the group, the hunting trip is as much a social event as it is a way to get food.  The group members have grown up, and many of them, including Stacy, have moved away to pursue various endeavors.  The hunting trip is a way of celebrating a reunion of sorts; a chance to get together, have fun, and relive happy times they used to share as children.  Tragically, what was supposed to have been an evening of enjoyment turns out to be a disaster, as one of the group's number, Harris, is seriously injured as a result of cruel and sadistic tormenting by white residents of the area(Chapter 3 - "The Hunt").

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