What items did Jo bring for Laurie and from whom?

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One day, Jo's outside playing in the snow. She sees Laurie at his window, looking kind of glum. To get his attention, she throws a snowball at the window. Laurie leans out and tells Jo that he hasn't been feeling all that well lately. Jo feels sorry for Laurie, so she decides to go round to his house and cheer him up. She promptly turns up on his doorstep, bag and baggage, with some items that she's absolutely certain will bring a little sunshine to the out-of-sorts Laurie. In one hand, Jo's carrying some of Meg's home-made blancmange; and in the other, she's holding three of Beth's amazingly cute and adorable kittens. Laurie is absolutely delighted to see Jo and the wonderful things she's brought him, and immediately starts to feel a whole lot better.

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