What items did Chris McCandless take on his final Alaskan journey?Approxamately how long was he expecting to stay in alaska? What items did he take for it?

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The book "Into the Wild" is the story of Chris McCandless, a young man in his mid twenties.  Chris gives away his inheritance and college money and goes on a trek across the states.  He has a strong desire to live off the land in the Alaskan wilderness.  Chris was a loner and socially isolated himself from people.  He was a very intelligent young man but was not knowledgeable about the wilderness. 

A man with a truck dropped Chris off at entrance to the Stampede Trail.  The trail is an area where hikers enter the Alaskan wild.  Chris initially had a map but left it on the dashboard of the truck.  He carried a back pack and in it was a book of Tolstoy, a book about native plants and berries, a rifle with 400 rounds of ammunition, a writing implement, a journal, a camera, a large bag of rice, a small cooking utensil, matches, a knife, and some fishing twine and a hook.

Chris' poor planning and lack of appropriate equipment eventually led to his death from starvation.

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