What is the message in the story Immigration Blues?

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kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The message of the story "The Day the Dancers Came" occurs on more than one level. The simple message is that of true friendship; the two men who have very different temperments are true friends. They depend upon each other and need each other. The story is also about fantasy and reality, and how a fantasy can keep a person alive. The main character in the story who is so caught up with the dancers coming and meeting them and sharing his life with them is hopeful about life. He is optimistic and looks forward to the future. He envisions himself as an active and attractive person even though he is not so attractive and he is now old. His hope of meeting and entertaining the dancers keeps him alive. It is unrealistic. But I don't think the author is stressing the fact that he is unrealistic, as a negative attribute of the character. The author just wants the reader to know his character. He is an old man with nothing, who imagines an involvement with the dancers. It's sort of beautiful. The other man is pessimistic and negative. Maybe he is realistic but he cannot imagine. The character with imagination is much more interesting. I think the author wants us to appreciate the man who has the "hope" of meeting the dancers even if he never does. The story has a special meaning about life as it is lived, that the anticipation of events has so much meaning, perhaps even more meaning than the actual event itself.

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