What issues does Nucor management need to address? (at least 200 words)

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to Nucor's public affairs initiative of "Voice of our Industry", there are several goals that the corporation wishes to achieve. As thus, these are very highly ambitious goals that do not only deal with the company itself, but with its influence in mainstream America. 

First, Nucor has a vision that it will achieve American energy independence. They want to see our country developing policies and strategies that will always keep affordable energy available and reliable so that companies such as Nucor can continue doing its job. 

Nucor also wants to "restore American manufacturing". This, they want to do by "enforcing our rules-based free trade system". The goal is that manufacturing companies, such as Nucor, do not find themselves out there in the globe battling out foreign government policies.

Instead, they want to keep the global trade rules intact so that, if Nucor were to compete against an international market, it would do so "at level". In other words, rather than fighting against global powers to obtain a fair trade system, Nucor prefers to enforce the rules so that companies compete against each other and not against each other's governments. 

Now, here is what Nucor has declared to want to improve: They want to rebuild the crumbling American infrastructure. According to their governance, the company was once able to hit successful heights because, at the beginning of the 20th century, the new technologies focused on what needed to be done then. However, a century as gone by and new technologies need to be developed to produce faster products more effectively. This is definitely an area of improvement that the company seems to be preoccupied about. 

Finally, Nucor also wants to empower American business, which is a very common goal among our corporations. In-sourcing, keeping business going from within, and having internal resources will always be a source of concern to all American companies. Additionally, Nucor assertively declares that our own tax system should work in favor of those who work hard to keep business going here in the country. 

America’s regulatory and tax systems should encourage capital investment, innovation and job creation in our manufacturing sector...