What issues might Dickens have with modern society based on "A Christmas Carol"?

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One of the themes of the story that goes along with redemption and kindness and the like, is that of inequality. There is a massive difference in the resources Scrooge has and those of his employees and many of the people around him. He revels in accumulating wealth without any concern for the people who help him do so.

Dickens would certainly take issue with the same problem today as it has not changed significantly. The love of money that afflicted Scrooge is still present in many corners of society. There are CEOs making hundreds of times what their average employees make and leaving their employees to apply for public assistance to support their families. This massive inequality and the unwillingness to address the consequences of it would perhaps be just as motivating to Dickens now as they were when he wrote the story.

He might also point out the way that Christmas still tends to be so commercial, perhaps more than it was before. He tells the story to share a feeling of joy and sharing as Scrooge learns to care for those around him by sharing his wealth and reveling in the happiness that comes from putting others first. Dickens might decry the way that Christmas is often more about giving or getting extravagant gifts than it is about a spirit of sharing and giving and cooperation and enjoying the season with loved ones.

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